Who said running the shadows was easy? Dodging bullets, swords, spirits, and spells just to name a few. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, even the occasional Dragon can make any Shadowrun go bad.
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New to running?

Here are therules and advice for Shadowrun Online.

I Want You!

Most of you know me, but for those of you who don't, I amDigital Doom. I was a decker way back as part of a UCAS SF team sent in to kill the virus that caused the first matrix crash. Before you start your age jokes, I know I am old. I am now the overseer of the Seattle hub of Shadowland. I have gotten some of my chummers together to set up a survival guide for newbs, so they can stay alive and maybe even enjoy the shadows.

My first chummer here to help is a good chummer from the old days of running, his name is Shade. He was one of the first runners I met after my falling out of with the military and having to go into the shadows. He taught me a lot, and still has plenty to say that may just keep you alive to retirement.

Here is my chummer Shade.

Thanks DD for the introduction. As DD told you, I am an old timerin the running industry. I decide to help DD and the others with this guide because I have had to burry too many green runners that could have made it in the shadows with a little mentoring.

Now that the introductions are done, let's get to the nitty gritty chummer, don't be a dreckhead, listen and listen well.

First thing to know about running the shadows is READ THE MAIN BOOK. (SHADOWRUN EDITION THAT YOU WILL BE PLAYING IN) I can't begin to tell you how many greens I've had to burry because they didn't know the rules of the game. Again, I don't like to burry chummers.

Secondly, read the rules of the site. They are there to help you keep the feel of Shadowrun, and to help us all have fun while playing. Again, knowing the rules will keep you alive in the shadows.

Third, make a character and post it in the character section. There is also a character sheet attached to your profile. Fill it out and post it for easier viewing by the GM's. To make a character, you can do it the old fashioned way, on paper, or you can use a character generator. There are several good ones out there that you can use. We are adding links to this site and our sister site, ShadowrunSurvival Guide, all the time.

Forth, check out a few runs and how they are done on this node. Every site is a little different, see how we do it before playing here.

These are a few tips that might keep you alive so I don't have to burry your trog ars. Next I'll hand you off to another chummer, Mr. Johnson. He's a person every runner needs to know. I'll let him explain what he does, and what advice he has for you runners. -Shade

Newbs, just because you read a post by a buddy of mine, doesn't qualify you to call your self a Shadowrunner. You have to do a few jobs first. To fill you in on how to get a job, is another old time chummer of mine, Mr. Johnson. of coarse that's not his name, it's his title. I'll let him explain how to get a job here. -DD

Thank you Digital old buddy. Now greenies, you want to knowhow to go about getting a job in the shadows so you can call yourself a runner? I am the right one for you to get advice from. I am Mr. Johnson. What's that, you already heard my name? Well {laughing} that isn't my name, it's a title. I hire unregistered (sinless) contract employees to help do a job that the corporation or group can't do. That is, I hire Expendable assets, or you.

To get a hold of one of my fellow Johnsons, Go to the employment section and look for postings for a run, or post that you are available for a run. Some Johnson or another just may see your posting and be in need of a person of your talents. The postings in that forum will be automatically trimmed when they get old, so we can always know when new postings are here.

If a Johnson approaches you, he will tell you where to meet him/her and set up the run. All runs are posted in the thier Ed games forum. From what I understand DD is kicking around the idea of giving every run their own forum, space and time permitting, but that is besides the point, we meet and you do the job. It's that simple.

I'll be hanging out in the Purple Dino if you have any questions or are in need of a few quick New Yen, for a job of coarse. Catch you later Runner.

Now that you have read some of our introductions, You need to see our rules.They are simple, but necessary for keeping the game civil. I hope you enjoy playing here. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. We have a great team of GM's who are always willing to answer questions.

If you have any suggestions, please post them under outsuggestions area. Suggestions are the reason that our site is as good as it is.

Thank you for joining us, I hope you enjoy running theshadows with us.


Digital Doom,

the creators may die, but the game lives on.